Saturday Night Live Music Event

Burnt Toast and Wellies

Saturday Night Live Music Event

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* Important information*

 Buying this item will reserve you a seat(s) to this weeks' Saturday night event only.

 This purchase is per person so you will need to purchase this as many times as how many people are in your party, (up to 6 persons), by clicking on the plus + symbol on the page.

 You will be refunded your ticket(s) by way of a voucher to use at the bar for drinks and/or food.

 Purchases made after 11:30pm on a Friday night will be for the following Saturday and not the next day.

 You will receive an email confirming your seats and receive your voucher(s) upon arrival. 

 Seats booked will be reserved until 7.30pm after which they will be offered to cancellation enquiry customers.

If you have any issues Booking online you can come down to our store and book there.

 If you/your party or any of your party do not show up for the event or show up after 7.30pm you/they will not be given a refund unless we are given a minimum of 24 hours notice.

 If there are any special circumstances that prevent you from arriving by 7.30pm we may be able to hold on to your seat(s) a while longer, but you should inform us asap.